Root Canals

Root canal treatment is a procedure used to treat infection in the innermost layer of a tooth, known as the pulp. This infection can be caused by decay, trauma, or other factors. During a root canal treatment, a dentist will remove the infected tissue, clean out the inside of the tooth, and fill the space with a special material called gutta percha. This will help protect the inner structure of the tooth and prevent further infection. In some cases, a crown may be needed to restore the tooth’s original function and form. Root canal treatment is a safe, effective way to preserve a tooth and reduce the risk of further complications.

What are the signs of a pulp infection?

  • Loosening of one or more teeth
  • Discomfort while chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages

Who is the right candidate for root canal therapy?

  • Individuals with severely damaged or decayed teeth
  • Patients with pulp or nerve infections
  • Anyone experiencing an abscessed tooth

What are the advantages of root canals?

Preserving your natural teeth is always preferable to the extraction and replacement with dental implants or bridges. Root canal treatments help maintain your natural teeth by eliminating infected pulp and preventing the bacterial infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth.

What is the recommended care for your root canal?

The best way to care for your root canal is by maintaining proper oral hygiene practices. Make sure to brush your teeth at least three times a day and floss regularly. Additionally, incorporate the use of mouthwash into your daily routine. It is advisable to avoid consuming hard foods and ice. Don’t forget to schedule regular dental cleanings and exams to ensure ongoing dental health and monitor the condition of your root canal.


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